[EN] Birthday Contest: "My Greatest Tibian Adventure"

Dear Tibians, we at Tibia Life are really happy to present our 4th contest as a Supported Fansite, our Birthday Contest!
For 2 years, Tibia Life has been bringing, with love and dedication, wonderful news and entertainment for all of you, our readers. Therefore, in our second birthday, in appreciation for all the affection coming from this assiduous community, we could not think of a better way to celebrate than giving you a gift!

King Tibianus has told us that only a true Tibian who had a lot of great stories on his journey outside the city walls can be worthy enough to conquer the mighty Adamant Shield and, since then, it has become a kingdom tradition to hand the shield only to the greatest warriors of Tibia.

On our anniversary, we’re looking for such true warriors! The time has come for you to show your greatest adventure with the entire Tibian community, through our contest: "My Greatest Tibian Adventure".
In this context, you need to portray, in comic book style, real-life aspects like friendship, love, betrayal, companionship, team spirit, greed, etc.

Mission: Comic Books
Tell us your biggest adventure in Tibia, through images that should be created inside the game!


1st Place: Adamant Shield  + Golden Trophy of Excellence 
2nd Place: Yellow RoseSilver Trophy of Excellence 
3rd Place: Wooden WhistleBronze Trophy of Excellence  


Beginning: 10/06/2019.
End: 30/06/2019, 23:59 min BRT.


  • All entries must be sent to the email:, with the title: "Participation - Birthday Contest" and with the Name of The Character and World;
  • Keep in mind that all entries will be posted on this page with the name of your character and world;
  • There is no participation limit, but keep in mind that a person can only have one place in the final ranking;
  • Submissions will be accepted in Portuguese, English and Spanish;
  • A submission should contain at least 6 frames and a maximum of 10, just from the game window, ALL WITHOUT ANY EDITING, as exemplified in the image below;
  • The only editing you can do is to cut the screenshot as shown below;
  • Images with any kind of editing will not be accepted;
  • The story must contain a minimum of 100 and a maximum of 500 words, including captions and speeches of the character;
  • The story can NOT contain inappropriate language or images;
  • If there is character speech in a frame, it must be rewritten in the caption (repeated words do not count towards the limit);
  • The story must have a title;
  • Every frame must have a text (albeit character’s speech, captions or both);
  • Everything that exists in Tibia can be used in the story;
  • The participation of members of TibiaLife is forbidden;
  • Be creative! We’ll review and look for any kind of copies/plagiarism. If anyone gets caught, he/she will be excluded from the contest.
  • The material must be made exclusively for this contest. Therefore, works made for other fansites will not be accepted;
  • If you have any questions, send us an email at: with the following title: "Doubts - Birthday Contest", or contact us on our facebook page.


  • All valid submissions (within the rules) will be judged by the TibiaLife Team;
  • TibiaLife team will choose the 5 submissions that they like best and will send them to CipSoft, who will choose the final order of the winners;
  • Originality and creativity will be taken into account!

Good luck to the participants and let the celebrations begin!

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