[EN] Contest: Wishes for 2020!

It's nothing new that life is made of cycles. How many good things happened in 2019? Coverage of updates, news, awesome content and much more happened over these 12 months with you, Tibians. What a wonderful year we had together! New Year's Eve is a time to think about our attitudes and wishes.

The year is at its end, but it's not over yet. We still have time to dream together! It's time to look to the past so we can be better in the future! How about sharing with the Tibian community all your wishes for 2020?

Through our contest, we want to know what you want for next year!

Make an in-game decoration inspired by your wishes for next year through the colors in the following table! What message would you like to give to the whole Tibian community? How about sharing our wishes for 2020? <3.

Mission: Make a decoration in-game that shows us your wishes for the new year through the chosen colors. In the same printscreen, your character should say a holiday message containing an explanation of your choice of colors.

Example of a Valid Submission: 


1st Place: Adamant Shield  + Golden Warrior Trophy Golden Warrior Trophy.gif  + ExitLag  (30 days)
2nd Place: Nightmare Doll Nightmare Doll.gif + Silver Warrior Trophy Silver Warrior Trophy.gif + ExitLag (7 days)
3rd Place: Blue Sphere Blue Sphere.gif + Bronze Warrior Trophy Bronze Warrior Trophy.gif + ExitLag (7 days) 


Starts: 19/12/2019.
Ends: 10/01/2020, 23h59min BRT.


  • All entries must be sent to:, with the title: "Participation - Wishes for 2020" and with the name of character and server.
  • Keep in mind that all entries will be posted on this page here, on our Facebook fanpage and on our Instagram, with your in-game nickname and world.
  • There is no entry limit for the contest, but each player will have the chance to win only one position in the ranking.
  • You should send us only a picture with the decoration and the message, NO EDITING! (See example above!)
  • No edited images will be accepted!
  •  You can decorate anywhere in Tibia. House or not, it's your choice!
  • You can use up to 3 colors to create your decoration, but at least one color must be highlighted, meaning, dominating the scene.
  • The color choices should be justified according to their meaning in our table. (Check it out above!)
  • The image should contain a short New Year message and an explanation of the color choice written by your character. They can be written in English or Portuguese.
  • Be creative! We will review all suspicions of plagiarism with caution. And the offender will be disqualified from the contest. So no looking for google-ready holiday messages, ok? We will keep an eye!
  • We know you're capable, so make an effort, because only the submissions with the least of care will be accepted.
  • The material must be made exclusively for the contest, so works sent to other fansites will not be accepted.
  • If you have any questions, please use the email: with the following title "Doubts - Contest Wishes for 2020", or contact us on our Facebook fanpage.


  • All valid entries (within the rules) will be judged by the site staff;
  • The Tibia Life team will pick the 5 entries we like best and send them to Cipsoft for their appreciation and they will pick the final order of the winners.
  • Originality, creativity and quality will be taken into account!

Our team wishes you all the colors, full of love and the best feelings there are! May we empathize with one another and thus face this new year with the certainty that we will have each other at all times, be them easy or difficult.

Let's surround ourselves with positive thoughts! We, the TibiaLife team, will continue to do our best whenever possible.

Happy new year, Tibia Life friends!

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